Site specific Performances

In situ performances

Company Irene K. offers many in-situ performances tailored to specific sites. Creations proposed - solo, duo, trio - adapt, create and enrich themselves in contact with different spaces. Choreographies could be performed outdoor in an open space, a park, through a street or created for a more sheltered space such as a theatre, a church, a monastery, any interesting building on an architectural point of view… The choreography has to take care to develop the architectural atmosphere by building an opposition, a confrontation or a possible co-existence with the specific place where the performance will be danced.
The spectators will than discover the particularity of the chosen territory while the inhabitants will rediscover their daily perspectives transformed or newly animated for a short moment.

Musicians may accompany for a stroll and take care of developing the theme of the choreography connected to the architecture even more and invites the public to follow.

Performances on demand

Besides the repertoire and analogous to the “normal” performances, the Irene K. Company offers performances made to measure. These are creations we make up especially for you.

Enlivening places, making them experience another pace of existence, is one of the striking forces of the choreographer, the dancers and the musicians. Neither the locality (merchant places, shopping halls, museums or factories), nor the occasion matter (inaugurations, opening festivities, anniversary celebrations, …)

The place is being animated by a performance, the specificity of which is that the dancers adapt themselves to the form and shape of the room or the area, as well as to the furniture and other devices that make the place particular.
Music is usually played live. The performances can be acted out once or several times in regular intervals.


Some examples
  • Finishing of the Miro-exhibition in the "Wilhelm Hack Museum", Ludwigshafen (D)
  • Engineering fair Essen (D)
  • Performance in the Old Castle of Prague, in context of the "Tanec Praha"- festival, Prague (CZ)
  • Performance in Monschau - street project "Landart exhibition" (D)
  • Performance at the award of the competition "Industriekultur", Kerkrade (NL) -2nd price: Cie Irene K.
  • Performance in the shopping centre Zuid in Gent (B)
  • Performance at the art fair Mainz with Werner Bitzigeio (D)
  • Performance at the International Dancefair in Düsseldorf (D)
  • Industriel buildings' animating by using the art of dance (felt factory, printing factory, precision engineering factory, ...)
  • festival "Dance in the City" - contemporary dance in the streets of different towns (B, D, NL)
  • Max Ernst Museum in Brühl (D)
  • Gemaal: Alter Schlachthof Eupen (B), AINSI Maastricht (NL), C- Mine Genk (B), Grube Anna Alsdorf (D)
  • Festival 24 Kvadrat Göteborg (S)
  • Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen (D)
  • Museum Night Fever Bruxelles (B)
  • "Body in Landscape" - Aachen (D)
  • "Dance on pavement" - Liège, Verviers, Aachen, Eupen (B/ D)
  • Interferenze Festival - Teramo (I)
  • Festival Dança Alegre - Brasilien
  • "Between floor and dome" - Aachen (D)
  • Fessh Congress- Antwerpen (B)
  • Carré Rotondes - Luxembourg
  • La Habana - Cuba

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