circling around
around an idea to transform

Transform into another
another can be you
another can be me
another can be mother

Matki is about a woman whose life may change.
Her cocoon is tearing apart.
She tumbles.
She practices.
She stands.
At the end, a decision has to be made.
Woman and/or a mother?


Production: Compagnie Irene K.
Choreography and concept: Anaïs Van Eycken
Dance: Karolina Kardasz
Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert
Scenography and costume design: Renée Faveere & Johanne Ampe
Scenography realisation: Kwinten Cammaer
Light design: Caroline Mathieu
Graphic design: Kristina Drömmer

Length of the performance: 45 minutes
A dance performance for everyone aged 16 years and over