H2 Oooh!

Flowing, meandering, invisible and yet everywhere.
A foggy cycle, a miracle of nature.
Becoming ice when frozen.
Sun is slowly drinking it up.
Dancing in the air.
Driven by your imagination, the power of dreams.
At dark hours appearing dangerous and cruel.
A small drop or the vast expanse of the ocean.
Take a close look inside, it mirrors, glitters and shines.


Production: Compagnie Irene K.
Choreography and artistic direction: Irene Kalbusch
Dance: Nona Munnix, Nina Plantefève-Castryck/ Anaïs van Eycken
Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert
Music: Max Vandervorst
Light design: Clemens Hörlbacher
Costumes: Ronja Fell
Photos ©: Torsten Giesen
Coproduction: Chudoscnik Sunergia, Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof Eupen

Length: 50 minutes
A danced performance for everyone aged 5 and over.