Of Feet And Paws

First, there were paws. In the cold light of nothingness, living creatures came forward.

Footprints left in the sand, in the soil, carved into stone. Guiding us, leading us back to what we truly are: humans.
Lightyears abound, and Iguanodons, varans and crocodiles are always that one step ahead.

Once paws are replaced by feet, dialogue truly begins. Rhythm and sound give birth to perpetual movement: music is here, dance erupts, exploring relationships of various kinds... Between humans and nature, humans and the animal kingdom, the ordinary vs. the extraordinary, dream vs. reality.

„Feet and Paws“ takes us on a journey and invites us to possibly re-invent what happens from our first „earthly“ awakening in the morning to going to sleep at night, as if the History of the World was equally structured, similar to the course of a lifetime or an ordinary day lived by many.

In this journey, sometimes troubled, sometimes turbulent, feet and paws connect, discover each other and relate, just as those two-legged beings whose weight they are carrying. The feet and paws are naked, symbolizing our senses, freedom, voluptuousness, beauty and the ability to share feelings.  Fragility, too.  Once paws and feet are exposed they can be seen, dressed up, decorated...

Paws and feet can be a gift, offering tenderness, sharing warmth. They can signify movement, departure, travels, agility, as well as a possible lack of. Paws and feet can lead to freedom and new beginnings.

Jean Lambert, dramaturge


Artistic Director: Irene Kalbusch
Choreography: Irene Kalbusch, Anaïs Van Eycken
Dance and development of artistic material: Anaïs Van Eycken, Karolina Kardasz, Gold Mayanga
Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert
External v iew: Ina Mertens
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Musical composition: Milan Warmoeskerken
Light engineering: Jean-Louis Gille
Coproduction: C.C. Welkenraedt
Pictures: Torsten Giesen (left), Greta Arntz (top), Wolfgang Raabe (below)

„Of Feet And Paws“ is a dance performance for audiences aged 3+.
Duration: 40 minutes