¿ Adonde

Our performance explores the movement of these bodies, exhausted and vibrating, lured in from afar, yet clinging on to the past.
These bodies, torn between the familiar and the unknown,
somewhere in between too much and not enough,
between hope and the fear of being deluded, deluding others.

Leaving! Finally daring, breaking the cycle of thoughts.


Artistic Director: Irene Kalbusch
Dance & development of artistic material: Silvia Bastianelli, Karolina Kardasz, Marcia Liu, Gold Mayanga, Nona Munnix, Manolo Perazzi, Jessica Van Cauteren, Anaïs Van Eycken
Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Musical composition: Guy Lefebvre
Light engineering: Jean-Louis Gille, Eddy Gräser
Coproduction: Centre culturel de Welkenraedt