‘THREE’ is a captivating dance performance designed for children aged 5 and above.
It dives into a world of connections as an encounter between two individuals evolves into an encounter among three, presenting a vivid exploration of group dynamics and unraveling the comical yet profound pursuit of fitting in.

Three dancers are figuring out their position in space, their position amongst eachother.
They play. They try to build constructions with their bodies.
But what happens if one of them decides to leave?
Does the whole house of cards caves in?

What choices do we make when we are longing to belong?
If our instinct tells us to go left, but all the other people go right… Do we follow our own opinion or do we follow the group?

‘THREE’ (working title) talks about the dynamic of three, about longing to belong, about identity and the ridiculous game of trying to fit in.

Production: Compagnie Irene K.
Choreography: Ilke Teerlinck
Dance: Magali Casters, François Vincent,
Ilke Teerlinck
Music: Koen Brouwers
Photos: Olympe Tits