A journey into the work of Max Ernst

Dare to face what lies beneath?

m.e. has been called award-winning Belgian choreographer Irene K.'s best work ever, and has put critics in total awe.
Bodies, skin and human tissue find and repel each other in a constant metamorphosis of shapes and sizes.

Based on the iconography of surrealist painter Max Ernst, the dancers of Irene K. will engulf you in a highly poetic voyage into your inner selves, the world of dreams, making the impossible possible and daring to face what makes us all tick deep inside.

In a world of post-modern estrangement, the search for personal identity becomes paramount.  The only question is: are you ready to face your inner demons? (Alessandra Wintgens)

Max Ernst has always inspired my choreographic work. I have referred to his works many times, even if only in passing. The encounter of the literary advisor Luca Scarlini, who possesses an extensive knowledge of Ernst's works, was not fortuitous. The interviews have shown me the complexity of the artist's work. I have therefore attached importance to recurrent themes such as: relations with the body, with religion and mysticism, with transformation and metamorphosis, the animal kingdom, and with the hand.

I have dared to make a personal and emotional interpretation of Max Ernst's work. The play is inspired by collage, a technique often employed by Ernst. Some disparate elements are combined to create one, new element. The show, as with Max Ernst's work, is marked with wonderful, fairy-like and abstract pictures (Irene Kalbusch).

Artistic Direction: Irene Kalbusch
Dramaturgy: Dave van Robays
Literary adviser: Luca Scarlini
Dance + development of the choreographic material: Aude Cartoux, Valéria Garré, Maria Lopez, Shantala Pepe, David Golinval/Roger Vinas
Music: Gerhard Sporken, Pirly Zurstrassen
Stage design: Remi Tamburini
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Light concept: Jean-Louis Gille

Performance Places:
Rohrmeisterei Schwerte, Jünglingshaus Eupen, Int. Dance Festival Lublin Polen, Stadttheater Landsberg, Festival „TanzArt“ Gießen, Festival „Tanz Art“ Koblenz, Barbara Church Stolberg, Church Saint André Lüttich, Church St. Remacle Verviers, „Fringe Festival“ Singapur, Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen

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