Espaces couleurs (spaces colours)

Is the weaving of contemporary dance with architecture, light, threads of wool and music drawn in colours. A way to communicate in a city…

"Espace Couleurs" goes out of the theatre space; the dance is offered to the public spaces as a touring exhibition, it accompanies the pedestrian, it surprises the spectator by its proximity. In this way, the dancer is forced to an extreme push beyond his or her comfort zone.

"Espaces Couleurs" is a string of short performances (solos, duos and trios); each miniature following the next but each adapted to its specific space. The musicians guide the audience from one place of venue to the next, and the spectators get a feeling of exclusivity.

The material is the thread of wool: thousands of possible colours dress the objects, unrecognizable in their cocoon. Each danced miniature proceeds from the connection to the wool ball. The thread of wool is the origin of all possible evolutions: the space restricts the movement, deprives the body of its liberty but also ties it to its sequel and then expands the influence. New blossoms can than appear.

The scene is a vivid space composed out of thread of colours, which opens one's imagination. "Espaces Couleurs" brings warmness, humanity, music and colours in the city… it brings smiles, laughter and cheer.

Dancers: Thierry Bastin, David Golinval, Denise Gospodarek, Sophie Halin, Sylvie Klinger, Helena Miko, Barbara Pereyra, Mikiko Sagawa, Uiko Watanabe
Scenography: Sabine Kreiter
Conceptualisation & realisation of the cubes: Shizuka Hariu
Music: Tuur Florizome, Daniel Stokart, Pirly Zurstrassen
Artistic direction: Irene Kalbusch

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