Eat it!

Eat it! _ an adventurous story about the earth and the fruit it bears

Digging, rooting, within your body and soul. Finding potatoes, hidden deep in fertile ground, their eyes staring straight out into the world. Never blinking. Not once.
Observing man through these very eyes - narcissistic planters, grumpy pickers, insatiable eaters. 

Fingers piercing into the ground, longing to harvest this oddly-shaped vegetable. Should we steal it, keep it, protect or be sharing it?  Screaming injustice.  A sense of duty, of respecting one's neighbour. Loving. Desiring and yearning. Constantly.

Eat it! is an adventurous story about the earth and the fruit it bears. Every thin slice that's being cut reveals an ever so delicate human and political message.

Artistic Direction: Irene Borguet-Kalbusch
Dance and development of artistic material: Mélodie Lasselin, Guilhaume Lapasset, Svende Obrocki, Jessica Van Cauteren, Anaïs Van Eycken, Hiroshi Wakamatsu with Masami Sakurai
Dramaturgy: Luca Scarlini
External view: Jean Lambert
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Music composition: Guy Lefebvre, Michael Peschko
Light design: Jean-Louis Gille, Gary Masson
Coproduction: Centre culturel de Verviers, Centre culturel de Welkenraedt

85 minutes
from 15 years old

Video excerpts
Solo Eat it!
Duo Twin