The Flower and the Tree

Poetic dance theatre for children 5 years and over

At the end of autumn, the gardener can finally enjoy a period of rest. In the garden paths, its imagination jumps from one branch to another. He dreams of colorful creatures and gigantic trees...

A small seed, flying through the air, finds a new home inside a beautiful old tree.  It starts to grow, feeding on this new texture, baffling the tree with its childlike, positive inquisitiveness and pure lust for life.
In its quest for new life and new experiences, however, the young little plant is aiming too high, flowering like mad, pushing and pulling the old tree to its very limits.
To continue to grow, the Flower, as well as the Tree, search for another way of living together.

The story is a free interpretation of the book „The Flower and the Tree“ from Gioconda Belli.

A dance performance for children aged 5 and over, which deals with issues such as friendship in all its forms, involving two dancers and an accordionist playing live.

Artistic Director: Irene Borguet-Kalbusch
Dance and development of artistic material: Masami Sakurai, Hiroshi Wakamatsu
Accordeonist: Marko Kassl/ Filip Erakovic
Dramaturgy: Sylvie Ebelt
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Musical composition: Viola Kramer, Dany Gallo
Light engineering: Jean-Louis Gille
C.C. Welkenraedt


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