Cocons ...

 … a choreography for two dancers comes to life.

Nature intrinsically creates new forms. It is made of living matter in which all things communicate, and bound by the same vital flow, overlap and exchange their form.The metamorphosis of the body tends to emphasize the reign’s confusion, highlights the perpetual creation of new forms in nature. From the inertia, cocoons give birth to motion. Perpetual mutation of form sometimes human, sometimes animal. Bodies will suffocate in order to rediscover life.

Irene Kalbusch and Werner Bitzigeio have been successfully working together for many years, and the latest dance performance "Cocons" is no exception: once again, these two artists share common ground, their souls being somehow connected, expressing the same ideas using different forms of art. "Cocons" is about polarity, dynamics and metamorphosis.

Choreography: Irene Kalbusch
Dancer: Masami Sakurai, Hiroshi Wakamatsu
Scenography: Werner Bitzigeio


Performance Places:
AHA Aachen (D), Galerie Krüger Koblenz (D), Danz Festival Luxembourg (L), TanzArt Gießen (D), Arena Festival Erlangen (D)

Fotographer: Rolf K. Wegst

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