Compagnie Irene K

Festival Dance in the City

Dance in the City 2011
4th of September in Eupen

Cie Beau
Geste - "Transports Exceptionnels" (Foto: Thierry Jourdain)

The road works have begun... Eupen is eager to look its best: extensions, renovations and new constructions as far as the eye can see... Everything is very much in tune with our décor... Both are ever so ephemeral... Well, let's dance then!

On 4th September 2011, Eupen hosts its annual « car-free » Sunday – and, as usual, dance will be playing an integral part that day.

From 2.30 pm on, Belgian and international dance groups will be guiding you through streets paved with architectural and choreographic curiosities, oozing a sense of change and transition. Behind the scaffolding, just round the corner, a light snack will be waiting for you, prepared under the supervision of one of Eupen's finest chefs. Culinary enjoyment galore!

No « pulling down » or « falling in » on 4th September – this festival is all about sticking together, facing the future, thriving on a public undoubtedly keen to participate in our « flashmob ».

Dance in the City continues to bring people together... But beware: sparks will fly!

Free tour of the building site!

Flashmob live

Invited Companies:
Cie Artesãos do Corpo (Bra), Alfredo Zinola & Hyunjin Lim (D), Beau Geste (F), Unknow (B),

Compagnie Irene K. (B) programme changement: Piergiorgio Milano will present his solo "Denti" in place of Maura Morales (D)

Festival programme 2011

This particular festival is part of the large international network CQD (ciudades que danzan).F

Photographer: Christophe Berg