The magic garden

for children from 5 to 10

The piece is set in a fantastic garden, in which different plants of most diverse species live along with an extraordinary gardener. The gardener is the boss of the colourful activity, and he tries over and over again to organize the chaotic realm of his plants. The garden, however, does not consider the plans of its master.

Things seem to be living a life of timeless independence ...

Workshops (on demand)

After the act, the children take part into a workshop where they can consider and produce their personal end to the piece. Meanwhile they are playfully being introduced into Modern Dance Theatre which undoubtedly contributes to a broadening of their view of contemporary art and today's world that surrounds it.
The main purpose is to promote children's personal involvement and to give them the opportunity of feeling themselves as creators. The production has been created as an intercultural project in close collaboration with primary school classes of both Belgian's three communities and Nord-Rhein Westfalen, Germany. In this way, three cultures and languages meet each other by the means of a project brought about by and for children. The piece aims to mirror children's regard, their imaginative power as well as their ability of giving sense to things and ideas.

Choreographer: Irene Borguet-Kalbusch
Dramaturgy: Dave Van Robays
Dancers: Denise Gospodarek, David Golinval
Wizard: Raphaël Hardenne
Musical composition: Viola Kramer
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Iron balustrade: Serge Prinz
Light concept: Jean-Louis Gille

Performance places:

Bottrop (D), Theater am Schloss Velbert (D),  Parktheater Iserlohn (D), Paderhalle Paderborn (D), Bürgerzentrum Kolpinghaus Brilon (D), Kulturbahnhof Hamm (D), Theater unter Tage-Schauspielhaus Bochum (D), Bürgerhaus Troisdorf (D), Bürgerhaus Eching (D), Leierkasten Dachau (D), Stadttheater Landsberg (D),  Pasinger Fabrik München (D), Kubiz Unterhaching (D), Domino-Festival Göttingen (D), Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen (D), Centre Marius Staquet  Mouscron (B), Foyer Culturel Saint-Gilhain (B), C.C. Bastogne (B), Ludwigforum Aachen (D), Itzehoe (D), Jünglingshaus Eupen (B), Citadelle Liège (B), C.C. Braine-l'Alleud (B), C.C. Dison (B), C.C. Welkenraedt (B), Creahm Liège (B), Monschau (D), Stadttheater Nordhausen (D), C.C. Mons (B), Kindertheaterfestival Warschau (P), Kindertheaterfestival Targovishte Bulgarien

October 2006: theater for children - selection of the month in Germany (NRW)

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