x-mal Kleid (x-time dress)

[x-mal Kleid] is a project that consists out of a route, a walk through the city with shortcuts of solos, duos and trios and led by musicians. A new concept, created as a promenade through a city quarter, an urban space … with performances inspired from an art object, dresses, designed by artists from Switzerland, Mascha Miono - Art to Wear and from Germany, Sabine Kreiter - stylist, Nicole Langen - designer.

If to be performed outdoor in an open space, a park, through a street … or created for a more sheltered space such as a theatre, a church, a monastery, any interesting building on an architectural point of view… the choreography has to take care to develop the architectural atmosphere by building an opposition, a confrontation or a possible co-existence with the specific place where the performance will be danced and the dress.

The spectators will than discover the particularity of the chosen territory while the inhabitants will rediscover their daily perspectives transformed or newly animated for a short moment.

Why a garment?

A dress is considered as the instrument of a work and a space of experiments:
- either large and ample the dress conspired to shelter the escape,
- tightly constricted it will extremely confined the movement.

Musicians do take care of developing the theme of the choreography connected to the architecture even more and invites the public to follow the experiment of discovering what the next performance will be as well as where it will all happened. This requests an active participation of the audience. The spectators join the action which moves from one site to the other and which has to integrate each new architectural or natural element that the "promenade" will reach: river, building, tree, bridge, gate...

Dancer: Isabelle Demaret (B), Valeria Garré (ARG), David Golinval (B), Denise Gospodarek (D/NL), Guillermo Horta (Cuba), Barbara Pereyra (ARG)
Musicians: Pirly Zurstrassen, Kurt Budé, Barbara Wiernik
Dress: Sabine Kreiter (D), Nicole Langen (D), Mascha Mioni (CH)
Artistic direction: Irène Kalbusch (B)

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