Festival Dance and Industry

Organisation Compagnie Irene K.

The Festival "Dance and Industry" was organized in a three year rhythm and every time it took place at a different industrial location. The festival is designed to be an exciting whole of art, an attempt of approach and exchange between modern dance and the industrial world of labour.
The location of the event acts as a catalyst for the dance production. Not a former factory is needed, but a lively place where still something is being produced, where there are people, buildings, machinery. It is a metamorphosis on the "living object".

Festival Begegnung VI (encounter) - Dance and Industry
firm Asten in Eupen (B) & Les Soufflantes d'Esch-Belval (L)

Festival Begegnung V (encounter) - Dance and Industry
firm Capaul Eupen (B) and Grube Anna Alsdorf (D)

Festival Begegnung IV (encounter) - Dance and Industry
firm BRUCH, Kelmis (B)

Festival Begegnung III (encounter) - Dance and Industry
Industrial Zone and firm Capaul Eupen (B)

Festival Begegnung II (encounter) - Dance and Industry
firm NMC Eynatten (B)

Festival Begegnung I (encounter) J├╝nglingshaus, Eupen, (B)

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