Dance theatre for 6- to 9-year-olds

In the suburbs of a city reigns an oppressive climate of war, poverty and sadness, which 4 artists decide to bear up against by creating a beautiful, joyful and coloured show, as an opposite to reality.

We meet our “gang” of artists during final rehearsals. The intrigue takes place in the theatre where the characters mix, debate, quarrel and work together; in other words, learn to live together. Will it work?  Are they going to finish it on time?

Popville shows children how stage productions come to life and, above all, how human relationships develop throughout the process.

Popville is a poem, dedicated to the joy of living, to friendship and to the hope that it engenders, offering viewers an appealing mixture of dreamlike pictures, expressive moments and everyday stories.

Choreographer's intention:

Popville shows several successive tableaux, combining dance, theatre, acrobatics, burlesque and magic.  It is the day of the dress rehearsal, so the actors are bound to feel stressed and need to find ways to cope with the extra pressure.
The show approaches different subjects interesting for children such as:
  • How is a show set up? Rehearsals don't always run smoothly…  What about the different characters that clash?  What about the fragility of each artist?
  • What can art bring during an oppressive period of war? How do you get the energy to create something, when all other people do is destroy?
  • The different disciplines in performing arts
  • What are the effects of non-verbal communication? The sound of airplanes and bombings, for instance, creates an atmosphere of war and fear, and certain dance movements create particular emotions.

Artistic direction: Irene Kalbusch
Dramaturgy: Dave van Robays
Dance: David Golinval, Marie-Laure Fiaux, Nicolas Laine/ Aude Lorquet
Music: Monique Gelders
Costumes: Sabine Kreiter
Scenography: Céline Leuchter
Realisation of the crow: Kirsten Sauer
Lights: Jean-Louis Gille

Performance Places:
Capitol Eupen, C.C. Mouscron, Ludwig Forum Aachen, CC de Adelberg Lommel, Mozartsaal Bütgenbach, C.C. Ath, Festival Incontri Theatrali Lugano, Rencontres Jeune Public Huy, Festival Theâtre Jeune Public Nabeul - Tunisie, C.C. Aiseau Presles, Pasinger Fabrik München, KUBIZ Unterhaching, festival Mômes en Scène Delle (F), C.C. Escale du Nord, Bruxelles (B), C.C. Braine-l'Alleud (B)

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Photographer: Christophe Berg